Thursday, September 14, 2017

oh hola

hello old friend. how's it hanging?
low like fruit?

      salted caramel & rye brownie
       risked the car accident

I make a ton of pastries every day, but don't bake much at home anymore. sad!
my daily work attire is: look as baggy and grungy as possible
I feel like a mangey lil kitchen rat ALL THE TIME and i think it's fucking with my head

well, these are some photos from stuff.
and some from Vietnam.

hope you are doing great and enjoying your days on earth and making the most out of your life or not.

baked goods pictured, all at Lodge Bread: coffee cake / sour cream and espresso, salted caramel & rye brownie, sourdough cinnamon roll bread pudding

Monday, February 27, 2017

what has happened to me?


howareya? to start this...?

well, I am still a person. 

I'm still a baker, so that's good. 

I bake at Lodge Bread in los angeles. 

and I've continued to make lots of cakes. 

it's been a strange time for me, a strange few years really. 

I've struggled in lots of areas. energy, motivation, overwhelming mental paralysis. struggled with being nice to myself and treating a body the way bodies should be treated. I realized how hard I feel things. whatever things. how personally I take everything, criticism, scolding. how my head hangs onto those things with a claw grip. I've struggled with topics of mental health, with different diagnoses, with medications, with self-medication. 

and honestly, that's the reason I slipped away from here. at whatever point, something had shifted in me.  my writing was different, my voice had morphed. and it felt uncomfortable to make such a switch, to introduce such a swampiness to this thing I had worked on for years, the lighthearted place I created and loved. 

I began to crave something new, a fresh start. somewhere I could feel free to be a depressing cynical little shit.

this leads us to wolfie cake. I started it with no expectations, and urged myself to a place of comfortable un-censorship. 
there's lots of dessert. there's a lot of color
and I'm happy to say that it's turned into such a pleasant little space and greatest of all, it feels like me. 

this is where you'll find me now

luv you.