Thursday, October 1, 2015

swanky cake

we don't need no dumbass white picket fences.
we do need water and pillows and smiling.

we don't need $8 beers or ridiculous things on top of cakes,
but girl, we want them.

(i made this cake for a bachelorette party.)

the innards were strawberry vanilla cake + chocolate whipped cream, and the cake skin was vanilla bean swiss meringue buttercream. a neapolitan type mash up, if you will. (will you?!)
kind of like this one from way back, but 100% schmancier.

in other news, i just mopped the floor and watered every plant. someone come give me a high five.


use any simple vanilla cake and load it with fresh strawberries before you bake it
and this is simple formula i always use for swiss meringue buttercream