Tuesday, September 8, 2015

new yorkish

whoa whoa whoaaaa, hey!
i've just concluded the 2015 summer wedding madness lineup.
several of my loveliest friends got married in these past two months, so pretty much my liver and my bank account are all like, Fuck You.

but it's been such fun, and all worth it, and i've put those chicken cutlet boob things on twice now.

i got back from new york, after a 6 hour flight next to a girl who had food poisoning. that was unfun.
my college roommate whom i lived with in the same room for 3 years got married to the dude who used to be her chemistry study pal, and then they eventually professed their obvious love to each other, putting me in the position of Head 3rd wheel.

this was the first wedding i've ever been in, if you don't count the time when i was 4 and the only flower girl who forgot to drop the flowers.
what's that saying? 'once a nervous weirdo, always a nervous weirdo?'

it's cool though, we have alcohol. 

the festivities were so fun and they were so cute and she looked so insanely beautiful and bridal.
when i talked to her a few days before the wedding, her main concern was that people would be scared to talk to the bride, because everyone knows they only get like 2 minutes, so what do you say!? you've gotta cram in anything you've got, so it's basically:  Hi! You look so incredible! This is so amazing, the ceremony was so beautiful, look at this place! We're having so much fun. Ah! Well...how nice. You two....Just so happy to be here...

and then i stayed in manhattan for a bunch of days after and everything was great
(except for the fact that my entire system shuts off in 'hot/humid as balls' weather.
i have 20 separate layers of dried sweat covering my body, i complain, i don't process sentences as quickly..)

but other than that, new york, your streets make me feel alive and i love you.

places gone to eat/drink: (i was there for 9 days, no judgements.)

el rey
no fun
the wythe rooftop
bedford cheese shop
di fara
el sombrero: frozen margaritas
russ and daughters cafe
grand banks oyster bar
officina latina
the butcher's daughter
the meatball shop
three's brewing: featuring food by granny's
van leewen
jack's wife freda
mimi's dumplings
schiller's liquor room
dos caminos

the gold medial winners: di fara, grand banks oyster bar, and russ and daughters cafe.

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  1. Wow your pictures are really nice. I just discovered your blog and im already loving it! Thank you so much for sharing your life with your readers. We really appreciate it!