Monday, January 26, 2015

oh hey

since i last type-blabbed on the internet, i've:

i've eaten 200 english muffins, one side apricot jam, one side something else.
i drove to monterey and back.
i drove to palm springs and back. where i attended my first drag show and my favorite lady was named Pandora Box.

i've thought about making a lot of dinners. and then didn't follow through.
i've eaten many pints of McConnell's mint chip.
i've done a lot of (unhelpful) contemplating.
i bought a swell harlequin rug via chairish

i spent the new year at jason mraz's house, catering his nye/engagement party. they had a major amount of avocado trees that supplied their local chipotle with avocados.
bravo, jason mraz. an outdoor wood burning pizza oven, a giant tipi, multiple hit songs, And the avocados that make chipotle's guacamole. bravo

i've gotten fully settled into a new apartment. i have more house plants than i have friends, and far more cookbooks than any 26 year old should have in their possession.  i've developed a dust buster addiction, and i like it all very much.

are you ready for february? onward and upward, i say! hope everyone is being nice to themselves and  and making sure to breathe.

and i hope it continues to rain in LA.

love, julia


  1. I MISS YOUR sweet face around 33rd! I hope to SEE you soon! I love your writing! I love you! Peggy

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