Tuesday, June 3, 2014

palmy springs

last weekend, we loaded up the car with some hot weather clothes, AOC for car entertainment, and a watermelon. we stopped for a sub sandwich. the dick guy next to me in line made fun of the size of my sandwich, and then we drove to palm springs.

these are the photos i took that weekend. but mostly, our skins didn't leave the pool and it was really deserty beautiful there and we ate an absurd amount of mission chips for two people.

we also made a drink that became the signature trip drink. so good that we felt the need to name it. it became the palmy - because we're original mofos - and we made them everyday around 10am with the limes we snatched from the trees.

The Palmy
adapted from the things we had in the fridge 

silver tequila
fresh mint
guava nectar
grapefruit juice

pour some tequila into medium tumbler glass. 
squeeze in 1 juicy lime. 
add 4-5 mint leaves. muddle together with a wooden spoon.
pour in a generous splash of guava nectar.
add 3 ice cubes
fill to the top with grapefruit juice

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