Tuesday, November 12, 2013


paris is most definitely everything. that is why, it's paris. 
the absolute aesthetic perfection of this place makes my brain hurt. 

we rented a small bright studio in monmartre. 
it overlooked a lovely cemetery. le sacre coeur peaked out from the trees. 
it obviously felt like heaven. 

we ate croissants in the morning, roasted chickens at night, and cheese All the time. 
we hung around pigalle, with all its little shops and cafes, bookstores and bars. and rose bakery

we saw youth lagoon play in parc de la villette. 
parisian hipsters are the most chic hipsters. 

we were there for bastille day. fireworks out our window, parisian rejoicing, and a bloody mary bastille afternoon. 

oh, those 8 days in paris. when life was more simple, chic, and well-lit.

tres bien fucking times.


  1. I love this blog! I'm a friend of Michela's so I came across your blog and it is inspiring me...I want to try all the recipes one by one. Thanks!