Tuesday, September 3, 2013


welcome to europe! we have lost your bags.
you won't get them tomorrow even though that's what we're telling you.
you won't get them this week either.
and you don't know this now, but you are going to go through the entirety of your 5 week adventure through europe with NONE OF YOUR STUFF.

and now, i'm somehow going to wrap this whole, long, dragged out, 5-weeks-with-no-bag saga into a tight little word package.

the air berlin workers at the barcelona airport chose to strike that day.
it came down to wrong airline, wrong day, wrong city to fly into.

so there, standing in the sweltering barcelona heat with my best friend in my airplane sweater, pants, and combat boots (..you wear the heaviest things on the plane right?), we couldn't have been less prepared for the trip that we planned for months.

on the third day we bought a suitcase. i bought a shirt. and we wheeled around that shared suitcase for the next 5 weeks, filling it with shit as we went.
it was one of the most ridiculous, stressful, and hilarious things i could never imagine happening.

with this said.
it was a rocky start in barcelona. i barely took any photos. we took turns having panic attacks.
we went to madrid after 3 days. it got better there because we finally got to shower and wash our two shirts.

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