Tuesday, September 10, 2013



sevilla was on fuego!!!!!!!!!!!

we found this beauty of an apartment on airbnb and snatched it up for our 3 days there. '

i lived en sevilla for six months during my 3rd collegiate year. so it was particularly exciting to be back.

we drank fanta. and lots of cava. and encountered too much fried food...one particularly regrettable dinner of french fries covered in fried eggs and cheese. one of us threw up later. i wished i had too.

we watched flamenco at la carboneria. took romantic friend strolls on the river. and met a friend on a bench who insisted on buying us empanadas.

and then it was wednesday night. it marked one week since we left home, one week in europe without our luggage.
we said our farewells to the picture perfect city, lugged our suitcase ('big boy') to the bus station, and got on the dark crowded and un-airconditioned overnight bus to lisbon.

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