Tuesday, June 4, 2013

magical tree weekend. wedding. love. cake.

sometimes all you need is an escape, preferably in the trees. a weekend to drop off the map completely.

weddings are the best. it's a known fact.
but weddings with your second family, deep in the redwoods, with no sign of internet or cell service...the best best.

our little cabin studio was the cutest, complete with baby loft and 3 skylights. anyone would be happy waking up here.
i think fairies live here, non?

the mornings were early and lazy. teacups of coffee, 20 refills.
Sitah made beautiful breakfasts each morning. every one was memorable.

on the first morning, it was fried eggs over grits with roasted green chiles and bacon. we passed warm cinnamon bread and she squeezed us orange juice.

on the wedding morning, we woke to pancakes with lemon, ginger, and cognac, dotted with blueberries. and little sausages. we passed pitchers of maple syrup and melted butter.

a pitcher of melted butter.
i think sitah might be my soulmate. i'd be down for adoption. so i can live here.

rehearsal dinner night. complete with mexican food truck. and embarrassing myself playing corn hole. and wine. and churros.

and then it was saturday. time to throw a wedding together. time to take a deep breath and stack some cakes in a mini fridge. to suck in the forest air, and smack the bugs away.
get away from me mosquitos! you will not ruin this for me, for everyone.
time to marry some loverbirds.

jill and zach. you guys.
you are so very special to me.
and genuine joy can be a hard thing to come by. but you have most definitely found it in each other, and it's super awesome to witness. thank you for giving everyone such a special weekend.
i'm sorry i drunkenly vandalized your guestbook.


  1. this life looks like plain ol heaven on earth.

  2. oh, julia, don't you know that your entry in our guestbook is just about my very favorite? thanks so much for the pictures and words here (and the CAKE!!) you have really no idea how much they mean to me and how happy they make me.

  3. So many nice details at your friend's wedding. Love the beauty you captured in your photos. I think a food truck is a nice twist for a caterer...I wouldn't have thought of that.