Tuesday, May 21, 2013

relax already

i'm sitting in my living room. yes, i am in my couch spot. it's like my comfy desk. it is without a doubt my favorite spot in the house.

i just rustled through the bag of old magazines in the garage, and swiped out every promising looking spring/summer issue. bon appetit, gourmet, a couple martha stewarts for shits and gigs.

the windows are open, i'm alone, i'm sorting through some photos from the magical forest wedding weekend, and i have a zucchini bundt in the oven..ah yes, this is what relaxing feels like. it's so nice.

and though it feels as if i've done nothing but make cake lately ...(enough! stop making cake! make dinner for yourself goddammit!)..
bundts are different. bundts are for home, for nibbling and sharing. i'm excited to pull it out and pour glaze on it.

in the meantime i am going to sit here in this spot with these magazines and a notebook. i am going to allow myself to get overly excited about cherries and spring onions and strawberries and peas.

i think i am excited about summer after all.

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