Friday, April 12, 2013

things and things

< squash buns. like sweet little hawaiian rolls, but better. >

these two pictures resemble each other. 

the most creative thing i did all day was write a haiku about an apple.

a juicy fuji
surely i will count on you
to brighten the night

i also come to you tonight, with a warning.
a warning of what might soon invade this space.
Cake is soon to bombard, come thrashing through my kitchen, baking powder everywhere.
it will consume my whole dessert brain, and take no prisoners.*

cake. i am making a wedding cake. i have never made someone's wedding cake.
this wedding is fast approaching. whoa, what?! i need to get my cake baking skillz together, like now.

so. i hope you like cake..
ha, bitch please, of course you like cake.

*i don't quite know what that last prisoners part meant, but i'm rolling with it.

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