Saturday, February 16, 2013

orange carrot ginger

JOOS. what whaaat.
everyone's doing it.

they're doing it because it's awesome.

this is my most perfect drink in the morning. in the noontime. in the nighttime. i buy carrots in bulk and i pulverize them.

orange. carrot. ginger. it's a combination as beautiful as brad and angie.
um, universe, can i trade places with shiloh? i promise i'll make better decisions than she's bound to when she's 17.

Orange Carrot Ginger Juice
*this is about the ratio of ingredients i use, but this is juice here, so 
by all means, tamper to your liking. 

2 oranges*
2-3 large carrots
small thumb or two of ginger

assemble juicer. pulverize. drink juice. 

*citrus is awesome right now. mix it up with cara caras, honey tangerines, tangelos, blood oranges! or just.. don't. 

1 comment:

  1. This made me chuckle..cause yes. Juice. Everyone is doing it. I'm just dismayed the healthy juice is sandwiched between semifreddo and challah french toast! Evil woman :)