Monday, September 3, 2012

august reminiscing

summery blues. the colors and the feelings.
it's that time.
when you write the date 9/2 and go 'huuh? what the hell"
it's the time that you feel summer fade, slowly being ripped from your fingertips.
indian summer. it sounds romantic, doesn't it?

and once autumn has snatched us up, i can look back at summer photos and feel the love.

scragly pizza dough. soon to be topped with cilantro pesto. and corn and cheese. oh yea, get down.

annoyingly trendy. cute bouquet. favorite clutch. (only clutch)

ted cuddles. band-aid fingers.

red velvet cake is weird. but it's some good cake.

cutting board inspiration. 
rosemary for focaccia. morsels of chocolate. and a plum to snack on. 
snacking while cooking is essential. 
this scene got me thinking, wouldn't plum, rosemary, and chocolate be a splendid combo? perhaps a bread speckled with rosemary and chocolate, with plums and ricotta? i think i'm all in. 

cemetery picnics.

melon full of water!

work. before 7am: stick bun spirals.

harvesting energy to go on a run, with good beats.

and after the run i can eat coffee ice cream with fudge sauce and strawberries.

pretty skies and coconut cream pies.

two lovely lamps, two lovely places.

caprese with fruit. ah tomatoes!
enjoy them now, enjoy the berries and the corn.

enjoy these dwindling summer days, we must.

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