Friday, August 17, 2012

peanut butter banana bacon & honey: a sandwich

check one. check one.

peanut butter. check.

honey. check.

banananananannanas. (bananas with tons of nanas!) check.

and le bacon. check two, check three.

smash it between soft crusty bread.

i like everything about this sandwich mic sesh.

did i just make this for snack? yes, do it.

it is my darling wonderful boyfriend guy's birthday today, a quarter century!

this person is very into movies, coconut things, and the weather.
he is pretend reading the grapes of wrath, he loves coffee, he paces around the room like a madman when he's on the phone.

this person and i had our first conversation when i was 16.
this person can lick his elbo.

And he loves the weather. i said that already. it's because this dude is reALly into the weather and earthquakes and atmospheric things. it's nerdy and cute.

sometimes i leave him weather doodles.

he would like this sandwich.
he didn't have any of this sandwich. because i only made one. and it was for myself.

but if he wanted one, i would make him one. because i am nice, and because it is his birthday, and because i love him.

Peanut Butter Banana Bacon + Honey Sandwich 
adapted from youth

peanut butter
banana, sliced
bacon, 1-2 slices  crisped
crusty bread, toasted

layer and smash together in sandwich fashion.