Sunday, June 17, 2012

for the dads

this weekend is all about the dads.

dad things.


cuff links. sausage links.

dad pats. you know, when they pat you lovingly.

cars. fixing them. staring at them. shiny cars. classic cars....

this is an old photo of my dad and my best frand juliette. i cherish this snapshot dearly.

if my dad had a list of the things he loves most, it would probably be
1. familia
2. cars in his man cave
3. guitars in his man cave
4. popcorn. and meat. they tie for fourth.

i love my dad. and i'm totally ready to relish in a day full of moustaches, grilling and beer, eating manly meats, putting aftershave on my face, getting injured and acting cool about it, not asking for directions, and talking about bacon.

speaking of bacon. bacon jam. come on. this is the best thing you could possibly make for a dad. make it tomorrow, and you might become the favorite child. at least for the day.

how good would it be with some of these summer tomatoes? or with peaches. or chocolate. the answer is D. all of the above.

peanut butter cookies? i will not be feeding these to my dad because he is deathly allergic and then i'd be the worst kid.
but you make them! they're everything right in a cookie.

perhaps you are having a father's day barbecue..?
i'd say it's a good time to bust out some ranch dressing. my dad guzzles this ranch like nobody's biz.

soft pretzels. mustard. like you and your pops used to get together at baseball games or carnivals. or wetzel pretzel.

need a side to go next to that man meat?
stuffed poblanos. done.

and as for dessert...anything with whiskey i'm sure will suffice.
maybe i will spell out my dad love with brown sugar bourbon shortbread cubes.

and if i am too impatient to do that, some kind of chocolate bourbon cake situation is begging to be made, definitely.

tons and tons of love to all the dads. thanks for doing what you do, for teaching us how to drink beer, for giving wise advice, for fixing our shelves and opening jars, for making faces behind mom's back while she's nagging us..

and of course, for all the dad pats.

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