Wednesday, June 20, 2012

brussels sprouts + edamame with lemon, pecorino, and basil

ello little beans,

it is the middle of the week, and sometimes it can get dull.
isn't it always the little things that get us through the week?
might i suggest some weekday activities...

interpretive dance in the kitchen. put hot sauce on your food. look up at the trees.
watch the bachelorette. fast forward through the commercials. make fun of yourself.

if you have the time, make a pie for no reason.

if you don't, make cookies. eat one hot out of the oven. (one=2)
drink wine if you like wine. sometimes listen to music. other times take in the silence.

then, after all that, eat some greens.
make them taste delicious so that you eat lots and lots of them.

consider a smoothie. whatever kind you love.

yes, yum. refreshing, sweet and tart.
consider adding handfulls of spinach to this smoothie.
still refreshing, sweet and tart. doesn't taste like i'm drinking a salad.

onto the next green.
brussels sprouts!
one can never really tire of eating small crisp roasted cabbages, can they?

also, wassup edamame! edamame is a major boost in a salad. i love the toothsome and bright little beans.

pecorino, basil, mint, lemon, and olie oil. these things go in the bowl too.

it's a dinner side. or make it dinner with a fried egg.
it's lunch the next day, cold, from the tupperware, standing in front of the refrigerator. why even bother to get a fork.

brussels and edamame mean serious business. they're a power combo. to your health.
and a truly delicious one.

so, there it is, greens today .

pie tomorrow.

Roasted Brussels Sprouts & Edamame with Lemon, Pecorino, and Basil

1 lb brussels sprouts, washed, trimmed and halved
olive oil
kosher salt and fresh black pepper
1 - 1 1/2 cups edamame
few handfuls of grated pecorino romano
juice of 1 large or 2 small lemons
few handfuls of basil, slivered
few handfuls mint, chopped

preheat oven to 425F. toss brussels sprouts with a generous amount of olive oil and kosher salt. make sure the sprouts are all coated, sprinkle with fresh ground pepper, and roast until tender on the inside, crisp and browned on the outside, about 25-35 minutes. let cool. transfer to a bowl and toss with edamame, pecorino cheese, fresh herbs, lemon juice, more olive oil. taste for seasonings, and add more salt and pepper if it needs it. 

Mango Raspberry Banana Spinach Smoothie
these are loose measurements! 

3/4 cup mango, frozen
1/2 cup raspberries, frozen
1 frozen banana
1 cup almond milk
a couple big handfuls of baby spinach

put everything in yo blender. and blend it. 

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