Friday, May 25, 2012

hello! from instagram

here are some of the things i've been looking at lately, via instagram's lovely squares.

there are a lot of arrows on the one way street i walk down to get home. sometimes they feel encouraging. come on, this way!

early morning light. i've been waking up extra early. i'm super into the calm silence of everything at 6 in the morning.
how much of that is normal and how much of that is weird?

last night's dinner of choice: ice cream and potato chips. 
this is just the way life goes. 
if cookie dough ice cream is in the freezer, it must be had. 

sleeping pup. his favorite thing is sleeping. he doesn't like walks. i just love this little weird animal.

cool blue pipes. they're so trendy and ombre. if i had to pick a favorite color.. which i often do because every child seems to be interested in knowing my favorite..i'd be blue. so these are my favorite pipes, obviously.

boy with guitar.


those marshmallows turned into's chocolate peanut butter krispy fudge. it is crazy and beautiful.

my glass of water stained a notepad. then it looked pretty. i love the colors. i'd totally blow it up and put it on my wall.
maybe i will.

i hope you do something fun this weekend. i'm happy you're here. i'm also tired. goodnight!

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