Friday, February 24, 2012

cranberry awesome cake

eye squinty, awesome tart.

as a young las, the candy wonderland know, the ones with all the separate bins and bag-filling up...those stores filled me with such pure happiness.
and the sour sugar covered gummy things of all shapes and forms...those were my main squeeze.

peach ring after peach ring. sour green apples, and watermelons and the other smaller version of sour watermelons.

and sour belts, obviously.
and maybe the occasional red sweedish fish...not sour, but just too good to pass up.

and now, while i would totally be glad to eat all of these sour gummy creatures out of a striped bag, i would rather sit down and get my sour fix via cake. THIS cake.

cranberries are natural tart beauties. and phenomenal to bake with. they melt into the soft crumb of cakes and breads. and their tartness is so beautiful with the sweet. and the color!


this cake is a little different. there is no baking powder. no soda. no acidic things. !!??!!?

the eggs are beaten and beaten to a froth. and that takes care of all the cake rising.

it's incredibly dense and buttery in the best way possible. and i'm crazy about it.
maybe i say this a lot. maybe that can get confusing.

but i will say that i shall make this cake for the rest of my life. when i'm a granny, i'll be mixing up this cake. it's become a trusty standby and it i can never get enough.

i mean...these photos are clearly just the same one piece of cake. the only piece that managed to survive til morning.

it has 6 ingredients. to the kitchen you go!

ps. words of the wise.. don't start a conversation about how the cake is leavened with eggs alone at the dinner table.

most people at the dinner table are bored by that... they'll awkward nod and smile along as they think about sports or taxes or how they wish you'd stop talking about eggs.

Cranberry Awesome Cake

3 eggs
2 cups sugar
3/4 cup butter, softened
1 tsp vanilla
2 cups all-purpose flour
12 oz fresh cranberries

preheat oven to 350 degrees. with a mixer, beat the eggs with the sugar until slightly thickened and light in color, about 5-7 minutes. the mixture should almost double in size, the eggs are the leavening agent in the recipe so it's important not to skip this step. the mixture should form a ribbon when you lift the beaters out of the bowl. add the butter and vanilla, mix 2 more minutes. stir in the flour until just combined. fold in the cranberries. 
spread in a buttered 9x13 pan. bake for 40-50 minutes, until a tester comes out clean. 

let cool before cutting into slices or attacking it with a fork. 


  1. This cake looks incredible...I love that it is "sour". Not a flavor your get in baked goods enough in my opinion!

  2. Those sourpatch watermelons were TOTALLY my favorite also! Maybe that explains why I adore cranberries so much...

    And if I were at the dinner could totally discuss eggs as leavening agents to your heart's content. I'd be thrilled.

  3. This looks absolutely amazing. I've been obsessed with cranberries lately. I have a huge pouch of dried ones. Perhaps I can soak them in juice? I don't have a stand or hand mixer either. No biggie -Mm, still making it.